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  • Julia Hair Tinsel
    Hair Tinsel is added to the hair with a bead 2 beads $5 4 beads $10 6 beads $15
  • Julia Womens Haircut
    wash, haircut, blowdry + style
  • Julia Simple Style
    (no wash/blowdry is included)
  • Julia Wash Blowdry Style
  • Julia All Over Color
  • Julia Root Touch Up
  • Julia Add On Gloss
  • Julia Mini Custom Color
    Lightening service in a halo placement or mohawk placement
  • Julia Partial Custom Color
  • Julia Full Custom Color
  • Julia Global Bleach With Color
  • Julia Regular Maintenance
  • Julia Teen Girl Haircut
    wash, haircut, blowdry + style Price varies depending on hair length and/or thickness
  • Paige Womens Haircut
  • Paige Teen Girl Haircut
  • Paige All Over Color
  • Paige Partial Custom Color
  • Paige Full Custom Color
  • Paige Global Bleach Out With Color
  • Julessa Partial Custom Color
  • Julessa Full Custom Color
  • Julessa Global Bleach With Color
  • Julessa Root Touch Up
  • Julessa All Over Color
  • Julessa Teen Girl Haircut
  • Julessa Womens Haircut
  • Ashley Partial Custom Color
  • Ashley Full Custom Color
  • Ashley Root Touch Up
  • Ashley All Over Color
  • Ashley Womens Haircut
  • Mens Cut
  • Childrens Cut
    Children 10 and Under
  • Mustache and Beard Trim
  • Blowdy Style
    Let us do the work for you. Shampoo & Blowdry styling
  • Simple style (waves/curls/flatiron)
    This appointment is if you are looking for a hot tool styling. (If a wash and blowdry is needed, an add on fee starting at $35 will be charged)
  • Special Occasion Styling
    Starts at $95 ... Up or down styling of the hair. Curls, booby pins, accessories, etc.. Ask about our private bridal services at our salon.
  • Extensions Consult
    1 on 1 consultation, we will go over our options, color match, as well as maintenance requirements and pricing. $50 deposit will go towards service.
  • Color Consult
    If your a first time guest please request this service first. What to expect from a consult? 15- 30 minute appointment time, if you are looking for a change it is crucial that we go over all things necessary to better help you to achieve your hair goals. (A test strand may be necessary. )
  • Mini Foil
  • Full Highlight
    A Full highlight creates a contrast and brightening effect throughout hair.
  • Partial Highlight
  • Mens Color
    Grey Camouflaging for Men
  • Keratherapy / Brazilian
    treatment that smooths and shines frizzy hair. .. smoothing down the cuticle and sealing it up, therefore preventing frizz and breakage.” Results can last up to anywhere from weeks up to 3 months.
  • Waxing - Brow Shaping
  • Waxing - Chin
    Waxing Different parts of the face.
  • Diane Wsh Blowdry Style
  • Diane All Over Color
  • Diane Full Custom Color
  • Diane Partial Custom Color
  • Diane Root Touch Up
  • Paiges Root Touch Up
  • Rachel Brow Wax
  • Rachel Brow Threading
  • Rachel Brow Thread + Tint
  • Rachel Brow Wax + Tint
  • Rachel Partial Custom Color
  • Rachel Full Custom Color
  • Rachel All Over Color
  • Rachel Root Touch Up
  • Rachel Silk Press
  • Rachel Womens Haircut
  • Rachel Spa Pedi
    Includes paraffin treatment and gel polish
  • Rachel Regular Pedi
  • Rachel Add On Hot Stone Pedi
  • Rachel Add On Paraffin Wax
  • Rachel Add On Gel Polish
  • Rachel Sculpted Toes
  • Rachel Gel Full Set
  • Rachel Gel X Full Set
  • Rachel Gel Overlay
  • Rachel Gel Polish Manicure
  • Rachel Add On Nail Art
  • Rachel Soak Off/Removal
  • Dahlila Mini Patial Custom Color
  • Dahlila Womens Haircut
  • Dahlila All Over Color
  • Dahlila Touch Up
  • Dahlila Partial Custom Color
  • Dahlila Full Custom Color
  • Dahlila Brazillian Blowout
  • Vanessa - All Over Color
  • Vanessa - Grey Coverage
  • Vanessa - Classic Haircut
  • Vanessa - Luxury Extended Cut
  • Vanessa - Custom Color
  • Vanessa - Classic Highlight
  • Vanessa - Mini Foil
  • Treatment
  • Bridal Hair
  • Hayley Grey Coverage
  • Hayley Haircut
  • Rachel Gel Fill